Fran Kranz has been working consistently as a professional actor since he landed a leading role in his 9th grade play. Most recently, He starred in the critically-acclaimed play “Bachelorette” at Second Stage Uptown in New York. He is also starring in the upcoming feature film for MGM, “Cabin in the Woods” produced by Joss Whedon. His film credits include “Training Day,” “Orange County,” “Matchstick Men,” “The Village,” "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Part 2," and “The TV Set.” Fran has also starred in a number of television shows. He is most well know for his work as ‘Topher,’ the sarcastic, tech wunderkind on Joss Whedon’s FOX sci-fi series, “Dollhouse” He was a lead in “Welcome to the Captain,” a CBS comedy series written and directed by John Hamburg and made memorable turns in “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and guest starred on “Private Practice” as well as “Frasier.” He has also worked extensively in the theater. Highlights include: “Angels in America,” “Bright Room Called Day,” “Henry IV,” “Anthony & Cleopatra,” and “Twelfth Night.” He currently resides in Los Angeles.